On July 13, 2018, Law 19,637 was promulgated, through which the exonerations applicable to the software industry were modified. The Accountability Act for the year 2016 (Law 19,535) had already established changes to the software regime, however, the Law promulgated this year provides for new changes to the wording of section S) of article 52 of Title 4 TO 1996.

Law 19,637 was later regulated by Decree 244/018, of August 13, which defined several elements related to the aforementioned exoneration, such as the related services that are exonerated and the conditions that must be met in order to access to the benefits.

Finally, with Resolution 10403/018, of November 28 of last year,it was explained certain aspects of the application of the exemption that were not clear.

With these modifications, it was aimed to adapt the internal regulations with the requirements established internationally within the framework of the OECD project of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting.